Wars in America

Wars in America 1.09

Wars in America allows players to command either side of the conflicts
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Wars in America is a new stand-alone game not compatible with the previous one. A large part of the work made on our recent games is retrofitted and some brand new code added. The game is based on the basic content and elements of the original Birth Of America game already distributed by the publisher, with the addition of the following:
-New functionalities: play-by-email and TCP/IP ARES module, improved AI, multiple resolution Interface
-New data: extension of the map up to the Mississippi in the west, blockade and commerce raiding boxes, new European off-map boxes (France, GB, Spain, Holland) or in the Americas (Hudson Bay, Newfoundland, Cuba)
-Over a hundred new leaders and units.
-New Scenarios (including at least the following) : scenarios 1750-1780 : Lord Dunmore War, new FIW 1755-1763 war campaign, Galvez 79; scenarios 1780-1800 : Fallen Timbers 1791-1794; scenarios 1812: Great Lakes 1813, Full War of 1812-1815 campaign.
-New Events (according to scenarios) and wide set of options for you to customize your strategy.
Required system :
- OS : Windows XP/Vista - DirectX 9.0c or more
- Processor : Pentium® IV 1800 MHz
- 2Go free on hard disk
- 1024 Mo RAM
- Video card : 128 Mo
- DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
-Screen resolution : 1024 x 768 or more

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